Monday, December 26, 2011

Pray for my Christmas miracle! Merry Christmas from the Carpenter Girls!

 Angelina "LINA" Mariana Carpenter - Waiting to come home!  I need a miracle for Christmas...Pray for my miracle...more later! 
 Avigayil "Avi" Christina Carpenter - just too cute for words and knowing it!
Natalya "Sasha" Aleksandra and Ellianna Ya-Ting Carpenter - Best Buddies...Ellianna loves to literally try to walk in Sasha's shoes! 

We are blessed...blessed to know the Risen Savior Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  We are asked often "Why are you doing what you do...adopt children with special needs!"  Well for one...look at the photos...look at how are daughters' lives are transformed by love and care and Jesus Christ!  They are all miracles and Lina is a miracle in progress!  The rest of the answer is because the LORD's Word tells us to care for the orphan and the widow.  Just google orphan and the Bible and see what you come up with...James 1:27 is a great verse that tells us "Pure and undefiled religion is care for the orphan and the widow in their distress."  It means to go and see what the need is and to meet that need...what does an orphan orphan needs a family!  Psalm 68:6 tells us that ..."God sets the lonely in families!" 

He surely does...I have so many stories of the miracles that have happened and are happening right now for children being adopted - adopted internationally and domestically!  Why don't we adopt from the US domestic system is another question we get all the time.  We never have said we won't...the LORD has completely picked the country and location and we are following HIS lead!  Maybe someday we will and if your heart is burdened for a child whether it be locally or internationally ACT ON IT!  DON'T sit and something!  ACT ON IT and be a miracle for a child!

WE are so blessed and the Carpenter girls want to say Merry Christmas to you!


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  1. amen to that admonition, Stephanie. May we be stirred up in seeking for needs and to meet the needs according to the faith and gift that He has generously given us. Indeed, God is in the business of doing miracles to special children. I am so inspired and 'disturbed' with your passion, compassion and action. Have a wonderful and more miracles this New Year.