Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Christmas miracle for Kolina!  She has a family!!! Praise the LORD...keep reading to read more miracles....

Sasha is a miracle.  We were told she would never walk!  Here she is - once an orphan in a Russian baby house to now a young woman standing at friend's home in the Philippines on our journey to pick up her sister Avi!  I wish you could read her shirt because it says "Its not about Me."  She is one amazing young lady and a miracle! 
Ellianna is a miracle.... she was in her first Christmas program EVER!  This may not seem like such a big thing but I KNOW there is one mom out there that just sent me the most amazing blessed letter EVER(actually it was sent to Kendra and I just got it from Kendra today!).  I am still crying after having read the words...I needed to hear the things you wrote...you know who you are and I don't know how to thank you for your gift and the words that my heart needed to hear.  The LORD used you in a mighty way.  NO way to say thank you enough! 

Ellianna was standing on the stage and that is a miracle.  She was ringing her bell for Jesus with all the other children in her class!  She was standing!  She is so full of joy and life that just to be near her lights up your world!  The LORD has blessed this precious little child with a personality that no words can describe!  She blesses our world just because she is in our World!  Thank you LORD for Ellianna!
 See her personality! 
 A bit more of her personality! 
Here is our Avi miracle...she no longer has a feeding tube!  She went from a urinary Catheter that was used as a feeding tube because that is all they had in the orphanage to a foley catheter while we were in Manila to a "normal modern" g-tube as soon as we got home in the States...and NOW no feeding tube!  She is eating completely orally!  She is a miracle.  She has had her surgery to correct her club feet and the casts come off tomorrow!  I can not express our joy at the miracle of her straight feet!  She was once thought to be a nothing...of no value and of no use because of her special needs.  LOOK at this precious child!  Look at her personality blossoming and thriving!  She will walk...she can eat...she can smile...she can cry and she can now cry some tears where once there was noise but no tears...she can giggle...she can fill a life with joy just because she is AVI!  She is amazing and she is a miracle and we love her so dearly!
LINA...Angelina "Lina" Mariana Carpenter...she is a miracle child!  She is a daughter of a carpenter and a daughter of the KING...and HE was the son of a carpenter!  We know that her life is a miracle and we pray for a miracle this week!  Please join us in prayer for our little LINA...for the LORD to get her home more quickly than anyone thinks possible!

Thank you so much from the depths of our hearts to all those that are praying and supporting our LINA!  We have been in awe of the mountains the LORD has moved and the hearts the LORD is joining together for Lina!

May the LORD bless you and may you continue to be a voice for the voiceless!
Proverbs 31:8-9

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  1. Thank you for sharing your girls. They are precious and so beautiful! Your family continues to be in my prayers.