Thursday, December 1, 2011

OLGA needs a family NOW! Please go to to read more!

Please go to to read more and to read the post that my dear friend Melanie wrote today!  Neither of us can get OLGA off of our minds or out of our hearts but neither of us can proceed to adopt her because we are both in the middle of adoption processes to bring home a daughter from the same country!  The LORD has an amazing story of how He has knit our two families together! 

My post tonight was going to be about the Sophi stripe and Lina stripe scarves that are for sale for both of their adoption processes.  Melanie and Will graciously had a striped scarf pattern made for Lina - to help our daughter come home - wow - in the middle of their fundraising they are raising funds for LINA!  What an act of faith and Christian can check that out too at

The scarves are amazing!!!  Little Sophi needs our prayers and needs to come home quickly too! Please check out their site to view more about Sophi and her awesome family and our dear friends...Melanie and Will...

But for now my heart continues to goes out to precious Olga!  Anyone that is considering OLGA...please know that 13 years ago when we boarded a plane to Russia to adopt our precious Sasha - had I known she had cerebral palsy I probably would have not gotten on that plane - the LORD knew that and therefore HE hid the cp from us!  We had her in our arms and nothing else mattered.  Here we were holding this tiny 13 pound almost 2 year old little girl with almost no hair (blonde if you could find any) and with bright blue/grey eyes.

We new immediately upon getting home that something was not right and it was simply not just developmental delay.  Sasha has cerebral palsy and now she is a beautiful 14 year old honors student who simply walks a bit differently!  The LORD has used Sasha to completely remove our fears about cp and other special needs.  So here we are 13 years later with 3 daughters with cerebral palsy all to differing degrees and adopting our little LINA who has issues which will be similar to cp. 

I am forever thankful to the LORD for opening my eyes, removing the fears and blessing our lives with our precious girls!  So when I look at OLGA I see Sasha and it crushes me to think of Sasha in a mental institution!  That is exactly where she was headed for she was even in a baby home for children with mental disabilities ( I would have known that upon entry to her orphanage had I been able to read Russian at the time). She is gifted intellectually but was struggling in the orphanage because of her cp and it was thought that she was mentally incapable!  Anyone every read the book -"Boy in Babyhouse 10"?  You need to!!!

So if anyone has questions about CP please contact us at and we will be so happy to share our stories!  Praying for OLGA and for her Mommy and Daddy to find her! 

May the LORD be glorified in this precious child's life...HIS child!

Proverbs 31:8-9

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