Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Veronika;s Prom

NOW please pass this next message along and share on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere you can think of!  We are so proud of Sasha!  She is an inspiration to us!  She has started the fundraiser below for Veronika!  Veronika as you will read below is a Ukrainian orphan that will age out of the system this year and if she is not adopted before her birthday she will most likely become a statistic with a sad outcome!  Please help Sasha to spread the word about this amazing idea. 

Please pass this along to flower shops, dress shops, hair salons - anywhere that has an interest in PROM and maybe they would be willing to donate a small amount of their proceeds from doing hair and nails for Prom to Veronika's Prom etc.  Please also pass this along to news media and those that have access to ways to spread the word! 

Dear friends of ours have stepped up to adopt Veronika and we are so excited for them and precious Veronika but approximately $25,000 is needed to bring her home.  It looks like a lot of money but what is the value of life?? 

This is nothing to our God and if we all join together and spread the word this can be raised by many giving just a little.  Think of 1 dollar from every ticket bought to a prom being given to this adoption.  If every school in the county got involved that is a lot of tickets and a lot of money - every school in the State getting involved and giving 1 dollar - think about those numbers - the NATION. 

 So please support Sasha in raising funds for another teenager so that she too can have the love of a family!  Please take time to read Sasha's message below and get involved how ever you can!  Sasha started a Facebook page called #Veronika's Prom and you can join to watch the updates!  Let's share this everywhere and bless the lives of two young girls...Veronika and Sasha!



#Veronika's Prom

Make Your Prom Count

Did You Know...

Russia and Ukraine do not like each other.
In Ukraine and Russia, orphans who turn 16 become unadoptable and
age out of the orphanages. Many are forced to live on the streets with no
way to survive.

60 percent of girls are lured into prostitution.
percent of orphans commit suicide before they turn 18.

50 percent of Eastern European orphans don't live to their 20th

Sasha and Veronika...

My name is Sasha. I was adopted from Russia when I was 17 months old. Now
I am a senior at Cedar Crest High School. Since I was adopted, I was rescued from
becoming a nameless statistic. Now, I have the chance to experience the love of a
family, get an education, and be a normal teenager.

Veronika is a teenage orphan in Ukraine. She is fifteen and if no one adopts
her, she will age out and become a statistic. A family has stepped forward to adopt
Veronika and show her what it means to have a forever family. Now, she will get to
experience things that we take for granted.

#Veronika's Prom

This year, as a senior in high school, I have the opportunity to attend prom.
Next year, Veronika will have the chance to attend prom too. However, had a family
not chosen to adopt her and welcome her home, she would be one of the statistics I

shared above. She would not have a family. She would not be loved. She would not
matter to anyone.
In Honor of Veronika, I am choosing to not go to prom. Instead, I am
fundraising for her adoption.

The Average Cost of a Ukraine Adoption: $25,000
The Average Cost for 200 students (half my senior class) to attend prom: $55,400
On Cedar Crest Prom Night, Friday, May 1, 2015, there will be party Dedicated to Veronika.
This is for anyone! You can go to BOTH Prom and #Veronika's Prom, for a night of pizza,
movies, games and more!

At: 31 Limestone Court, Lititz, PA 17543
Time: 4:30pm12am
Cost: Donation at the Door
RSVP: April 17, 2015
Or Make a Donation to: www.gofundme.com/veronikasprom    
or Ting Ministries
904 State Drive Lebanon PA 17042, (717)6736548

Please consider the impact that you could help make in a child's life. By donating
to #Veronika's Prom, you could help someone know what it means to be loved.

“He Who Saves One Life, Saves the World Entire.”

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natalya "Sasha" Carpenter - Cedar Crest Student of the Month

Ellianna Yating's photo.
Ellianna Yating's photo.
Ellianna says "RAY BUCKNELL"  She is Sasha's personal cheerleader!  Everyone needs an Ellianna in their life!  Sasha says that if everyone had an Ellianna there JUST MIGHT BE WORLD PEACE!

Ellianna Yating's photo.

Congratulations to SASHA!  WE are so proud of her achievements and the amazing young woman she has become! Bucknell here she comes!  Double majoring in English and Russian Studies - to one day head back to Eastern Europe and start a non-profit for Orphans who are in desperate need!
Please contact us if you would be interested in Ting Ministries coming to your church, group, Bible Study, small group or any event to speak about the Plight of the Orphans, Ting Ministries, Orphan Care,  children with special needs and Adoption.  Sasha shares from her heart and experience during our presentations.  She shares a poem about a Boy named Nicolai from Ukraine and a story taken from the Book "Boy from Baby House 10" - both are worth hearing for yourself.  Just like the message in "The Drop Box" you will not leave with dry eyes.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Princess Avi

Princess Avigayil Christina Carpenter
Better known as Princess Avi
Avigayil is the Hebrew spelling of Abigail and means -
"The Joy of the Father"
She is OUR JOY!
Anyone that knows AVI knows that she is a PRINCESS!

Quotes taken from Pastor Lee and the movie "The Drop Box" - regarding children that are extra special...
Pastor Lee: If the Lord raises them, they can become world famous, influential people.

Pastor Lee:  Through Eun-man (AVI) I learned of life’s dignity

Pastor Lee : I can’t be here and not do anything about it.

Pastor about his son Nathan who has brain lesions or “no brain” disease: Nathan—he (she) is a gift from above. That is what God told me.

Pastor Lee: She came late fall. I named her Autumn. You know how beautiful the foliage is. I want her to have a beautiful life.

Pastor Lee: God sent them to earth with their disabilities. They’re not the unnecessary ones. They teach people. They live with smiles on their faces.

OF course Big Sister Ellianna YA-TING had to get in on the Birthday Photo SHOOT...
She is always in everyone's pictures! 

Make a difference
IMPACT the LIFE OF someone without a VOICE TODAY!
You won't be sorry you did!
You will be blessed beyond MEASURE!

God's LOVE is indescribable and HAS NO LIMITS!

What do you see in these photos?
Do you see disability?
Children that fill lives with JOY, SMILES, LOVE, LAUGHTER, GIGGLES -

What is your purpose?
What are you going to do to care for the most vulnerable among us?
Find your purpose and live it with PASSION!
Our Filipino Beauty (and her Taiwanese big sister)
Happy 8th Birthday to our JOY and GIFT from the LORD HIMSELF!

Find out how you can HELP TING MINISTRIES help the LEAST OF THESE around the world!
"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'
Matthew 25:40 NIV