Friday, December 9, 2011

Kolina needs a Christmas Miracle - will you be her miracle?

Kolina is from our Lina's orphanage!  She needs a Christmas miracle!  Please somebody hear the cry of this child and say YES!  Look into her eyes and say YES!

She turns 9 on December 16th...She will spend yet another birthday alone!  Spread the word that KOLINA needs her family now!

OH these photos break my they NOT break yours?! 

I am searching for profound words to write but I have none!  Words escape me...I dream every night about the day I will hold our daughter Lina in my arms (and that day is so very close) and tell her she is loved, wanted, needed and that she is a gift from the LORD!  She is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God the Father.  She is no longer alone...she is a Carpenter.  She is Angelina "LINA" Mariana Carpenter.  She is a beautiful little girl who will be loved and cherished.  She will laugh and play with her sisters and one day she will go to school and learn and sing and play!  She will have the most blessed life!  She is no longer an orphan!  She is our daughter...

KOLINA longs for the same words to be spoken to her by her Mommy and Daddy...she is in desperate need to be loved!  Where is her Christmas miracle?

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  1. Oh my gosh! Here's my girl on another blog!!! Thank you so much for posting about her!!! You guys("Hidden") are so awesome! Thank you so much!!!! Your Lina is adorable! I will be reading more of your blog now so I can catch up on all the details. God bless you!!!!