Friday, May 4, 2012

LIBERATE LINA - stay tuned for exciting news!

LIBERATE LINA and Soccer!!!!!

What do they have in common?

LINA's daddy coaches high school girl's soccer!  There are rival high schools that play each other for the prize of being the best!  CEDAR CREST vs. ELCO    Last year - 2011 both teams decided they wanted to do more than just play soccer - they wanted to be a part of a tiny malnourished orphan girl coming home!  That girl is our AVI - they dedicated their game night to AVI and both teams bought our fundraising t -shirts!  Both teams stood on the field before the game holding hands wearing the t-shirts for Avi!  Sasha and I were still in the Philippines bringing Avi home during the game of 2011!  Avi is now home and no longer tiny or malnourished!  She is so loved and so very cherished!

This year both teams wanted to be a part of something more than soccer!  They are helping to LIBERATE LINA!  Stay tuned because...the JV game was played but the Varsity game was postponed until Saturday May 5, 2012 due to thunderstorms and lightening! 

But here is a preview of what it to come tomorrow night!  Everyone was wearing LIBERATE LINA t-shirts! The shirts say - "Buy this t-shirt" and on the back they say LIBERATE LINA psalm 68:6 - They will stand on the field together hand in hand for LINA - but it will now be tomorrow night - so no photos of that yet because it stormed before the events got that far tonight!

I had to cry with joy and amazement at the LOVE of these girls for a little girl who was once an orphan BUT no longer an orphan and coming home soon!  Psalm 68:6 is the LIBERATE LINA verse - "God sets the lonely in families".  God has set LINA CARPENTER in our Family and we simply can not wait to bring her home! 

WE love these soccer girls...they are amazing...the coaches are amazing...the parents are amazing...the encouragement we have received is amazing!  WE serve an amazing God!

LINA IS COMING HOME - stay tuned for that exciting news and stay tuned because the game is being played tomorrow night so more pictures are coming!  Be amazed at what God can do...


 Check out the back of the shirt - LIBERATE LINA PSALM 68:6

Shelly we do have diet coke in Pennsylvania - this one is for you -the pink straw is Ellianna's straw we bring to every soccer game!  But this one is for you....
 Check out this photo - Sasha, Ellianna and Jaya (Jaya is a star gymnast - just won level 7 PA states on the floor!)
OK...gotta love this photo I had to show it twice - This photo describes ELLIANNA!  She loves life and she loves her daddy's soccer games!  Here we have Taiwan, India and Russia in this photo!
 Here is LINA's daddy watching the game intently - this was the JV game because Varsity is postponed until tomorrow! 
 Precious Ellianna with her Liberate Lina shirt!
 Avi is too small for even the smallest Liberate Lina shirt but she doesn't seem to mind - she is safe in Pam's arms and ready for a nap!
 Avi - our precious Avi (short for Avigayil - Abigail in Hebrew - meaning Joy of the Father)
 Ellianna and her buddy Jaya!
 The awesome girls of the Varsity team
 The girls getting ready for the photo -
 ELCO GIRLS - sorry not such good photos (I will get more tomorrow night!) but you can see the sky starting to got darker...and darker...and moved around the field...then the game was called until tomorrow night...

So stay tuned...more to come! 

LINA you are loved!  LINA you are being prayed for...LINA everyone is asking when they can meet you!  Soon...stay tuned!!!

WE love you girls!  Your enthusiasm and heart bring us joy and encouragement...may you continue to give to others and be blessed because of it!  CEDAR CREST vs. ELCO! AWESOME!

To God be the GLORY...great things HE HAS DONE!

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