Saturday, May 19, 2012

All this for LINA - Liberate LINA soccer night - Cedar Crest vs. Elco

 Lina you belong...This night was for you...
 Lina all these girls stood together to love and support you coming home...
 The stadium was filled with Liberate LINA t-shirts...all standing for you!
 Lina you are loved!
 We have a soccer ball signed by all the girls just for you!
May the youth continue to get involved to care for the orphans in desperate need...Cedar Crest and Elco have blessed us and blessed little LINA...LINA is liberated but waiting for Mommy to pick her up!  The count down is a matter of days...a photo with Lina holding her own soccer ball will follow...she is a star and Carpenter!  Who knows...maybe she will one day follow in her daddy's foot steps and stand on this field and play soccer too!  The name Angelina (where LINA has come from) means "messenger"...she has already made an impact and gotten word out about the plight of millions or orphans!
 All this for you LINA!
 LIBERATE LINA - Psalm 26:8
Who says the youth of today don't understand that there is more than soccer, texting and facebook...These girls shared their love and talents for LINA!

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Psalm 26:8

IT WORKED!  The LORD is mighty to save!

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  1. Truly the Lord is mighty to save! Enjoyed browsing and seeing the vibrant smiles and joy coming from everyone's heart as they welcome LINA! Another soul rescued, Stephanie & Brian: you both are incredibly amazing. You're sooooo full of love to overflow out from our Father's heart. I know you are the most blessed parent's in the whole world-your riches is beyond comprehension, i love to see God's love manifested and tangible!