Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Abraham needs our prayers and help! 

Abraham is a 10  year old boy that was a street child in a Southern Region of the Philippines!  Adoption by Filipino families is very difficult due to the expense for families desiring to adopt but Abraham is loved as a member of Pastor Mark's family!  Pastor Mark is a dear friend of mine and prayed over us during our trip to bring home our precious AVI!!!  OH WHAT A STORY I someday need to share but right now ABRAHAM NEEDS OUR PRAYERS!

Abraham is a beloved "member" of Pastor Mark and Van's family for the past three years.  They have rescued him from the streets! 

Pastor Mark is the brother of our dear ministry partners in the Philippines - helping with sharing love and provision to Avi's former orphanage!  One time a month Pastor Mark's wife, Van helps to organize the youth from the church going to the orphanage to share the LORD JESUS with the children - to share love - to share music - to share good food both for the spirit and the little bellies!

Abraham was climbing in a Mango tree and fell!  He can not really use his legs or walk since the accident!  They are asking for prayer for the LORD's healing!  Hospitalization and doctor's are very expensive!  I am seeking any one's help to provide for Abraham.  I will get a new chip in set up but for the time being if you have a desire to help Abraham please let me know!  Please email me at

Anything given towards Abraham will 100% go to Abraham!  Have you ever seen hospitals and medical care in poverty stricken regions?  If you have not...just imagine and then know that you have not imagined it how it really would be!  Abraham needs prayer and Pastor Mark and Van need help!

Thank you and may the LORD bless you today! 

I am blessed!


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