Friday, October 5, 2012

Part 3 - Psalm 68

Sing to God, sing in praise of His name,
extol Him who rides on the clouds;
rejoice before Him—His name is the Lord.
A Father to the Fatherless, a defender of widows,
is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families,
He leads out the prisoners with singing;
but the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.
Psalm 68:4-6


MAY 28, 2012 - photo
God set this lonely little one in our family...the emotions that were going through my heart and soul when this photo was snapped were too great to even put into words! The day we had waited for and prayed for had finally come - Lina was coming home!  I had no idea that Vesko had taken this photo with my camera until hours later when I had gotten back to the hotel with Lina and began looking through my photos that had been snapped by either myself or Vesko - our driver and translator! 

Today - October 4, 2012

My heart grieves for so many children that need to know this same one Eastern European Country there are 5 more children longing to be be be be called son or daughter...PLEASE PRAY FOR THESE CHILDREN and be their voice...

Five New Waiting Children -


This sweet precious three year old with short dark hair and a smile as wide as can be trying to stand so that someone can see how amazing she can be. Addie was born prematurely in the 29th gestation week. She has retinopathy of prematurity fourth degree –blindness; Amaurosis; Microphthalmia – She has normal physical development but is lagging behind in the neuro-psychical development. She needs someone to love her and to help her to grow and thrive!


A sweet little four year old just had these new photos taken.  She is clinically healthy but is lagging behind in the physical and neuro-psychical development. She is just so very precious and needs to know what LOVE really means!  PLEASE be a voice for her!  She was recently moved to an older child orphanage and she has done really well since her move to this better orphanage ( I personally know of this location and I do know she is in a better place currently than she had been as a younger baby! BUT she still needs a family NOW!)


What a precious angel just waiting forsomeone to find this treasure of a child. She has a special need that is called Congenital Multiple Arthrogryposis (deformities in the shoulder, knee, ankle and wrist joints). She has had a series of surgical interventions with orthopedic corrections that have been carried out. She is only moderately lagging behind in her neuro-psychical development. This little girl has a huge smile and is described as so very sweet. She bonds easily with the staff and she talks quite well and asks lots of questions. She loves to listen to music and play with musical toys. She has been waiting for a family for 7 years! Please pray for this precious child to have her own family to love her and to find out what a gift they have been given.  Some day soon I plan to do a post just on Arthrogryposis!  I have a friend that is advocating for children and she has this same diagnosis and she has given me so much knowledge and information to share regarding this diagnosis - but this precious Mallory surely needs a family NOW!


Oh what a precious sweet seven year old little girl. Someone needs to find this little and fill her life with love. She is described as doing well with her neuro-psychical development and is doing well developmentally! She carries out conversations with her peers and adults and asks and answers questions. Her special need is rather complex – special need: Osteochondrodysplasia with defect in the growth of the tubular bones and the spinal cord; Osteogenesis imperfecta; Albumen-caloric malnutrition Third-Fourth degree; Hirschsprung disease (Congenital megacolon); Calculus rhenis dextra; Congenital megacolon; Asthma with prevailing allergic component – but you have to see the photos of this precious smiling little girl! PLEASE BE A VOICE FOR HER and help her to have a family!


Adorable Ross is four years old and he is has been listed with Lifeline previously and has still not found his family. He has Robinow Syndrome (short stature) and also Cryptorchidism; hypotrophy; pectus escavatus and considerable lagging behind. He is able to pronounce simple sentences and seeks the company of adults and participates in the activities of the group with other children. He is able to sit on a chair by the table and eat independently. He is able to bond with the staff. He really needs a family to love him. PLEASE PRAY for Ross and help him to find his family!

To learn more:

Please contact me at

 or 205-940-4625 to learn more about these precious children. There are more photo and videos available also. Help to be a voice for the voiceless children so they no longer need to rock themselves to sleep or sit in a crib day after day with no stimulation or love. Help find them a family or be their family so that they will learn what love really means, what no longer being lonely really is.

I picture each of these children being held by the loving arms of their family and going home forever – to be loved – to be wanted – to belong!  I picture each of these children being scooped up into the arms of their Mommy and Daddy and being cherished just as Sasha, Ellianna,Avigayil and Lina are cherished!

“God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:6

*****  I have been given permission by those in a position to give this permission to share the photos

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