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This is Daniel's story:

Daniel was born in October 2002. His mother was married but Daniel is the child of a relationship outside of the marriage. When Daniel was born, his mother could not give him the name of his father. Shortly after his birth, in fear of her husband's reaction to the baby, and her own fears of caring for him, she threw him down a well. Soon after wards, she was sorry for doing this and also feared her husband's reaction and went back to get the child.  After a family counsel meeting, the family recommended that the mother take him and leave him in the care of an orphanage. Daniel has grown up in this orphanage. Daniel sees a little but he has suffered what may be permanent damage to the optic nerve. With the limited diagnostics and expertise available here, the specialist was not able to determine just how much Daniel can see. There has recently been some improvement in his vision. Otherwise, Daniel is normal physically and mentally.

Because of his visual handicap, Daniel has not been sent to school.



Here is Arnaud's story:

Arnaud was born in February of 2009. His mother abandoned him when he was about 7 months old.

A thorough search was made in the area where Arnaud was found but no trace of his mother was found.

Since arriving at the orphanage, Arnoud has been diagnosed with cycle cell anemia (SS type). He is receiving treatment but he does have a serious strain of this hereditary disease.

In every other way, physically and mentally, Arnaud is at a normal development for his age. He is a pleasant and agreeable little boy who loves to play with the other children.

Here is Christina's story:
Born:  January, 2012
Christina is an abandoned child found by some children when they heard her crying.
Christina is suffering from cerebral palsy. Her little legs are already a little stiff and she does not have much movement in them. Her little hands also are mostly closed into a little fist.
Right now, Christina passes everyday sitting in an infant seat without any stimulation and minimal care. She needs the love and nurturing of a family for her to grow and develop to her greatest potential.

Here is Djimila's story:

Djimila was born in January, 2011. Her mother was very young, just 17 years old when Djimila was born. The mother tried to kill Djimia two time by trying to suffocate her. With help and advice from family and friends, the mother brought her to social services where she signed papers giving up for adoption.

Djimila’s left leg has been amputated just above the knee because of severe infection that threatened her life. She is developmentally behind for her age. At this time, it is not known whether this is because of her rough few months of life or whether there is the possibility of mild cerebral palsy

Here is Charlemagne's story:

Born:  May, 2003

Charlemagne is not in school. He has a hearing problem but he can hear somewhat. He does not speak and this is probably related to the hearing problem. The orphanage where he has been placed does not have the means to send him to a special school for the deaf.

Charlemagne gets along well with all of the children in the orphanage and with the care-givers. His best friend is called Apollinaire and they are the same age. They spend lots of time together. They communicate with simple hand signs. Like all of the children in the home, Charlemagne is looked after by care-taker and has received some pre-school level training.

His story is that a woman left Charlemagne with some children at the side of the road, saying that she was going to go and repair her bike. This woman left and did not come back for him. After waiting a long time, Charlemagne was taken to the police and was placed the next day in an orphanage (26 May, 2008).

Here is Karim's story:

Born:  August, 2012

Mother is said to be not well mentally. In reality she is deaf and cannot speak and it is thought that perhaps because she was never sent to school and no one in the family could communicate with her that is the real reason why she is not able to care for Karim.

Karim was born pre-maturely weighing only 1800 grams at birth. Because he is so tiny and not very strong, he is being fed by a feeding tube.

It is way too early and even nearly impossible here to determine whether Karim will be normal developmentally but his physical development and mobility will be very challenging. His feet and legs are malformed. His feet are very small and turned in. And, there may be some malformation even in his knees.

Karim is still very small but even so he is growing up in a small bed with little or no human interaction or stimulation. Karim needs a loving mother and father to nurture him and to give him a reason to live and to grow.

Her story
Olivia is about 5 years old now (2012). She was abandoned as an infant and is being cared for in an orphanage.
Olivia smiles and interacts a little bit with her caretakers and the other children. She cannot sit up on her own and requires total care.
Her diagnosis is not clear but my unspecialized opinion is that she is suffering from a rather serious case of cerebral palsy.
Once again my heart breaks as I read these stories and see these photos! 
Proverbs 31: 8-9
Pass along the need for these precious children to have families all their own!
Can you help?
BE their VOICE!
Someone adovocated for us
Someone prayed for us
Someone supported our Mommy and Daddy
Mommy and Daddy came and got us
Look at us now!
Be that for someone else
Be that for one of these kids!


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