Monday, September 24, 2012

PART 2 - Psalm 68:6

Psalm 68:6


" God sets the lonely in families"
The little girl that I had shared about that needed a family and was 2 years old with a diagnosis of Down syndrome...she HAS A FAMILY that is moving quickly to bring her home!  Thank you for praying and sharing!!!
There are some lonely children in need of a family in Katie and Lina's birth country...
Can you hear...can you be a voice for these children...
1. D. is 3 years old and from the same orphanage as Lina.  Her main diagnosis is craniostenoisis and microcephalus.
2. S. is 7 years old and her main diagnosis is Osteochondrodysplasia with defect in the growth of the tubular bones of the spinal cord.  She is doing amazingly well developmentally. 
3. R. is 4 years old and his main diagnosis is Robinow Syndrone. 
4. M. is 7 years old.  Her main diagnosis is Congenital Multiple Arthrogyrposis.  Please help her find her family!
5. A. is 4 years old.  She has retinopathy of prematurity fourth degree -blindness.
There are photos available upon request so....
Please contact me if you would like more information  
My heart aches each time I see another precious child in need of a family!  I watch my girls grow and thrive and laugh and play...there is such joy in each new day with our precious girls...but my heart just aches each time I am made aware of a new child that deserves that same chance at LOVE AND LIFE in a family that loves them ever so dearly! 
Please get word out ...BE A VOICE for these children...
PROVERBS 31: 8 - 9

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