Monday, September 17, 2012

Hannah used her birthday money to buy this....

Hannah of Hannah Hopes
Hannah used her Birthday Money to buy this special bear!
This bear is on its way to a special little boy that Hannah feels called to bless!
This is Hannah Hopes Birthday Bear!
Pray for the little boy that this bear is being shipped to...
The LORD knows who he is...
Pray for miracles in his life!
Happy Birthday Hannah!
Thank you to a very special donor that donated to Hannah Hopes fund today! 
I did not see the chip in change but the chip in should say
$365.00 for Hannah Hopes
What a great 13th birthday for one little girl who is giving of her day to other children!
Praise the LORD for your life Hannah of Hannah Hopes!
Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

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  1. To the people who have donated to Hannah Hopes- Words can't express our thanks. Lives will be changed because of these bears. To date, she has collected 295 small animals to tag and ship to the orphans, plus approximately 100 bigger animals that will be given out by police officers when children are stuck in the middle of scary situations. Also around 50 teeny beeny babies that Hannah feels would be better served in her middle school (to be given out to her peers if they are having a hard day). A special thanks to my dad who has graciously offered to help tag the animals with the special "God is Love" tag. This doesn't include the animals collected over in Pennsylvania! God is truly moving mountains here. Thanks everyone who is playing a part in this ministry. Keep the prayers coming!