Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kindergarten Taiwan Cerebral Palsy - what do they have in common -

ELLIANNA YA-TING CARPENTER is what they have in common!

Ellianna is now in KINDERGARTEN - TODAY - August 28th 2012

Why is this significant?  Why is this more significant than any child beginning their schooling today?  Ellianna is a miracle in progress.  Ellianna has cerebral palsy.  Elliana is adopted from Cathwel Services in Taipei, Taiwan.  Ellianna had a diagnosis that was not that hopeful!  I write to encourage anyone considering a child with special needs - DON'T let the diagnosis scare you!  Look and see what love and nutrition and therapy and hard work and did I say LOVE can do....I write this grieving for the children in Taiwan still waiting!  On our Lifeline site www.lifelineadoption.org alone there are 47 precious children waiting for the LOVE that Ellianna feels within her heart!

She was beaming from ear to ear from the time she put on her uniform until the time her big sister came home to see her in her school uniform.  We could not get her to take it off.  She probably would have slept in it. 

Ellianna remembered Sasha wearing the same uniform 5 years ago and to Ellianna wearing that uniform meant she had become somebody!  She felt important...she felt worthy...she felt like she was not a child with special issues but one of the chosen...Hmmm...sounds like what we should believe about our selves when we come to know Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior...we are important...we are worthy...we are chosen...Not because of "what we are or who we are" but because we ARE!  The Bible tells us that the LORD created our inmost being....

Psalm 139:13

New International Version (NIV)
13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
Photo is from August 2007 on Sasha's first day of 5th grade!

The children on our Lifeline website www.lifelineadoption.org - the Taiwanese children - the Bulgarian children - all the children - the LORD created them and they are worthy - the children with the special needs - don't look past them - LOOK at what they can become - GOD CAN AND DOES STILL DO MIRACLES!

BE a VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS...do SOMETHING!  Ellianna YA-TING would agree...she is worthy!  OH MY IS SHE WORTHY!  I AM MOVED TO TEARS just looking at her beautiful face, smile and life!

contact me for more information on the Taiwanese children and Bulgarian children and Special children...


Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

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  1. Sweet Ellianna!! Happy first day of Kindergarten!!