Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sasha - Natalya "Aleksandra" Sasha Carpenter - first high school musical - AIDA

Natalya Aleksandra, better known as SASHA, was in her first high school musical production.  Her school performed the musical, AIDA!  IT was fabulous! 

Here are a few after musical photos ...Enjoy

I just have to add a little note here to advocate for "orphans"!  Did you know that our precious, talented, brilliant daughter would have been one of those children in an Eastern European Institution that would have been transferred to an adult mental institution in approximately 6 months to a year had she not been adopted when she was adopted.

If you might be fearful of special needs orphans/adoption just take a look.   Sasha does have cerebral palsy but LOOK at HER NOW! 

I share this to encourage anyone reading to consider adoption of an orphan with special needs.  What a blessed gift we have been given in the life of Sasha!  

May the LORD continue to bless Sasha's life as she seeks to honor HIM with her gifts and talents!  Just in case you missed Sasha's voice performance here is the link to watch and listen -
with love...

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  1. thank you so much for sharing her beautiful voice. I cry to think that it would have been silenced in an institution for such a small thing. Another of the many beautiful stories that I believe it should be impossible for anyone to say no to God's beautiful adoption plans.
    So glad to be in this together with you!