Saturday, March 17, 2012


TWO FUNDRAISERS to help LINA come home!!! Check out the give away with Mulligan Stew and LIBERATE LINA SPAGHETTI DINNER!

Just wanted to make you aware of 2 fundraisers going on to HELP LINA NOW! The first is the Mulligan Stew Give away - you can either click on the link on the right hand side to check it out or click on this address

You can help Lina by entering the give away. You can enter the give away by donating to Lina either in person or by the paypal on this blog and then we will register you for the give away with Julia! Check out all the items donated - amazing! Also check out all the other children coming home and the many children in dire need of help! YOU CAN BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS!

The second fundraiser is the LIBERATE LINA SPAGHETTI DINNER! It is all you can eat and it is delicious!

When: Saturday March 31st
Time: anytime between 3pm and 7 pm - no advance tickets needed
Cost: $5.00 for Adults and $3.00 for Children
Where: Lebanon Valley Church of the Nazarene - 900 South 5th Avenue, Lebanon, Pa 17042

Spread the word and come LIBERATE LINA!

PRAY FOR LINA's documents to move through the process and for her court process to come quickly and move quickly!

We are at the last stage of her adoption process and we can NOT wait to have her home in time for soccer season! Go Falcons!!!!!

Be a Voice for the Voiceless - Proverbs 31: 8-9

Did you know that LINA had been on Katie's floor...

Ok...that is my there any wonder why there is a hurry LORD PLEASE hurry urgency to my voice!  HOW did LINA get moved to another floor?  I have no idea if you answer that in human terms, but I will answer it through saying "ONLY the LORD JESUS having HIS HAND upon her life!"
What has she suffered in her short 5 and 1/2 years? 

I don't know what our little Avi suffered in her first 4 years of life either! She was left in a crib day after day!  Lina has a huge bald spot on the back of her head but AVI has a completely flat head.  She has a completely flat head from the top of her head straight down her neck...there is no...and I MEAN no is completely flat.  Why..because she lay on her back for 4 straight years.  Why?  She was considered worthless.  She had a feeding tube for 4 years. She had no food or liquid to her lips for 4 years.  She had severely twisted club feet.  She has spastic quadriplegia.  She has damage to her eyes and a damaged right optic nerve.  She was considered worthless.  This is Avi on the first day I saw her....
This is AVI today...1 year later...she is now 5...

NO more feeding more club feet...NO more an orphan...NO more worthless...

She is priceless!  She is precious! She is our daughter! She is loved! She is valued! She knows it!!!! LOOK at that face!  She knows it!!

That is what is waiting for LINA!  HURRY home our dear sweet baby girl!!! 
 Ellianna Ya-Ting loves you!  She too was considered worthless and an orphan with special needs!  NO LONGER...look at that face!  She is loved, valued and cherished (and spoiled)!!
Big sister Sasha loves you (the photo is of Sasha and her friend in New York City this year - Sasha is the taller of the two in the photo) - the precious princess from Russia that the LORD used to open our eyes to the children with special needs!  Can you believe that had she not been adopted she would probably not ever by walking...she would be warehoused in a mental institution in Russia!  She is a gift and a priceless treasure with amazing talents and a huge heart!  She is a walking miracle!   Have you heard her sing?  If not check this out...

All of this is waiting for LINA!
Can you help us to get her home!

Check out the fundraisers!  Thank you!  May the LORD bless you!!

with love in Christ,
stephanie brian sasha ellianna avi and lina carpenter

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