Thursday, March 12, 2015

Natalya "Sasha" Carpenter - Cedar Crest Student of the Month

Ellianna Yating's photo.
Ellianna Yating's photo.
Ellianna says "RAY BUCKNELL"  She is Sasha's personal cheerleader!  Everyone needs an Ellianna in their life!  Sasha says that if everyone had an Ellianna there JUST MIGHT BE WORLD PEACE!

Ellianna Yating's photo.

Congratulations to SASHA!  WE are so proud of her achievements and the amazing young woman she has become! Bucknell here she comes!  Double majoring in English and Russian Studies - to one day head back to Eastern Europe and start a non-profit for Orphans who are in desperate need!
Please contact us if you would be interested in Ting Ministries coming to your church, group, Bible Study, small group or any event to speak about the Plight of the Orphans, Ting Ministries, Orphan Care,  children with special needs and Adoption.  Sasha shares from her heart and experience during our presentations.  She shares a poem about a Boy named Nicolai from Ukraine and a story taken from the Book "Boy from Baby House 10" - both are worth hearing for yourself.  Just like the message in "The Drop Box" you will not leave with dry eyes.

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