Saturday, June 29, 2013

The animals made it to Kenya!

This video was produced by our dear friends Kathy and Lowell Smith! Kathy and Lowell are a part of our prayer ministry that meets every MONDAY to pray for orphans/widows/and the needs of so many around the world!   

If you watch closely in the video you will see the HANNAH HOPES ANIMALS
made it to orphans in KENYA!  PRAISE THE LORD the children were blessed!  ORPHANS and WIDOWS were blessed by gifts of toys, maize, rice and beans! 

Hannah and her one special bear

wearing AJ's allies t-shirts

the animals Hannah collected

The needs are so very great!  Take time to check out the video above and also to click on the Links to INDEPENDENT CHURCH IN INDIA'S WEBSITE!  The ministry has expanded from just INDIA to KENYA and PAKISTAN!

animals made it to Kenya


Thank you HANNAH!

COMING SOON...a post about INDIA and PAKISTAN!  The needs are so very great! 

This  link is for the trip to KENYA

widows and orphans receiving the gifts of maize, rice and beans

This link is for the website home page

This link will show you one of the orphanages in India that was built and is run by Independent Church in India.  The little boy we sponsor is in the photo at the top of the page with all the children.  HE is 12 years old!  He is cared for in this orphanage.  He is given good food, education, spiritual nourishment through teaching of the Gospel and most of all LOVE!  These children are not adoptable.  Many of them have families but the families are so poor that they are unable to care for their children.  Some of the family members have leprosy and the children have no place to live or no food.  ICII has also built colonies called leprosy colonies where those with leprosy can come and have a home and food and love and come to know Jesus Christ.  They are treated medically and have a place to live.  Some of the children living at ICII's orphanages are daughters or sons of some of these lepers.
Kathy and Pastor Britto with
Our sponsored brother at the leprosy colony

Kathy and Lowell with Subashini
at the orphanage
with a Christmas gift

Take time to check out this ministry called Independent Church in India    If you have any interest to have Kathy, Lowell and Pastor Britto come speak at your church, youth group, Bible study please contact me at

PRAY for the orphans, widows and needy in India, Kenya and Pakistan!

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

Thank you HANNAH!!!!!

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