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Ten for Tin Tin - Tin Tin's Christmas Wish

Ten for Tin Tin
Tin Tin's Christmas Wish
Exactly two years ago for Christmas we did a challenge called Ten for Tin Tin
That ten for Tin Tin was all about numbers and getting people involved in her adoption and coming home from the Philippines!  Tin Tin is safely home and VERY VERY MUCH LOVED!
So this Christmas Tin Tin's wish is for Ten more children to come home for Tin Tin!
Can you help?
Take a Look!
These children are all in an Eastern European Country and need a family quickly!
Be there Christmas miracle!

Her date of birth is 2006.  This precious little girl reminds me of our Tin Tin/Avi!  I can not even let my mind think about our precious sweet daughter NOT BEING LOVED!  Avi has spastic Quadriplegia -a severe form of CP.  Avi is one of the most amazing little girls and one of the biggest joys in our lives!  So to see this little girl with the same type of cp and to think of her lying in a crib all alone - my heart can almost not bear that thought!  

This precious child was born premature at 27 weeks and has quadriplegic CP. She is delayed in all aspects of her development.

There should soon be new information available!  Please get word out - please help this little girl - PRAY - ADVOCATE - SUPPORT - ADOPT!!!!

Date of Birth - 2008
Diagnosis: Congenital bilateral cataract; bilaterally clubbed feet – surgically corrected; Hypotrophy of bottom extremities; Auto-aggression and stereotypical movements that are common in children with blindness
This precious child has cataracts that could possibly be corrected with surgery.  She is able to sit with out assistance.  She is considered to be delayed in all areas but she can't see and is not receiving the help she needs.  This breaks my heart when I hear that she seeks out the attention of adults and will move toward their voices!  Can you imagine living in a dark world!  Please someone light up her world in more ways than 1...with love and with medical help!

This little girl is constantly on my heart and in my prayers!  She too desperately needs her family now!

Birthdate -  October 2004
Congenital malformation of the nervous system: spina bifida (lumbosacral), condition after liquor-shunting (spinal fluid shunts); flail legs.

OH PLEASE HELP THIS PRECIOUS CHILD - She is named Savannah on Reece's Rainbow!  Please contact me if you feel called to help Savannah and I will put you in touch with someone that can help you in Savannah's process!!!

age: 7

special need: Osteochondrodysplasia with defect in the growth of the tubular bones and the spinal cord; Osteogenesis imperfecta; Albumen-caloric malnutrition Third-Fourth degree; Hirschsprung disease (Congenital megacolon); Calculus rhenis dextra; Congenital megacolon; Asthma with prevailing allergic component; Lagging behind in the physical development; Good neuro-psychical development.

Soon turning 6 years old
He does not yet speak and, walks when held for both hands, due to a decreased muscle tone in all four limbs
Asymmetrical thumbs and forefingers of the hands, missing distal phalanxes.

Lower limbs: Decreased muscle tone, deformations of the feet and ankle due to the muscle hypotension.


age: 3
special needs: Dysmorphic syndrome: Rubinstein – Taybi. Congenital heart malformation – post surgery. Anemia. Optical nerve atrophy. Physical and neuropsychic delay.


age: 5
special need: Cerebral palsy and microcephaly. Delay in the neuropsycic development. Convergent strabismus and nystagmus, recommended surgical treatment.

age: 11
special needs: Down Syndrome – needs highly stable home

age: 9
special needs: Down Syndrome – needs highly stable home
: This precious little guy was born in 2008.

He has a diagnosis of Craniostenosis and from his family history it shows that he has a biological sibling with the same condition.  He is able to sit, crawl and walk with assistance.  He does reach for toys and will play with them.  he makes sounds and babbles but does not yet have purposeful speech.  He loves to interact with adults and he does have a one on one caregiver that works with him daily. He is on a special diet due to vomiting which led to the diagnosis of a metabolism problem.

There are the 10 children for Tin Tin!  HELP meet Tin Tin's goal and advocate, pray, support and adopt - Let's find homes for 10 children for Christmas!  Tin Tin's Christmas wish....

Proverbs 31: 8- 9

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  1. Not one of these beautiful children... BUT you can add little Z to one of Tin Tin's 10! Because your family has played an important part of us being Z's Christmas Miracle!!! God is so good. Paperwork for HS... in the envelope to go out TOMORROW! Thanks for walking this journey with us, Steph :-). Love ya!