Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guess who has grown as big as little sister Avi?

ME...Angelina "LINA" Mariyana Carpenter - grown to be as big as Avi in just 7 weeks.  I grew 2 inches and gained 6 pounds in just 7 weeks!!!  I am 4 months older than Avi and now just as big!

Amazing huh?!  Nothing is Impossible with God! 

Wait till you see the photos from the Paramount Gymnastics Center - watch out Olympians of 2024!!! 

Wait till you learn about the Taiwan kids that need homes immediately!  My sister Ellianna is from Taiwan and these kids are from the same orphanage as Ellianna!!!  If you want to know now before my mom gets it posted just email my mom at

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  1. Hello Stephanie! Life has been so busy here in the Haines household and I finally had a few moments to myself this morning to read your latest email newsletter and come over to the blog.

    OKAY, I CANNOT BELIEVE LINA!!! I just stared at this picture of here next to Avi and couldn't believe how beautiful she has blossomed in just 7 weeks!! The I thought at the top of the blog that maybe that WAS Avi, and it was Lina!? The twinkle in her eyes, the round face, the sweet smooth skin! God is so good when you see what He can do through you. Blessing to you, my friend, for you are a good and dedicated servant. What a blessing these little sweeties are to you as well!