Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emmanuel's YOU TUBE video - check it out...special needs adopted young man!! Amazing what LOVE can do!

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January 2012
Dear Adoption Advocates,
We want to share some amazing inspiration with you. This is especially for those of you who advocate for special needs adoption. What a better world we live in because of the adoption of a young person featured in this video. Better grab your Kleenex before watching this! You are going to need it!
A Voice for the children who have no voice, (Pvb. 31:8)
Gerry and Maureen Clark
Pass it on. EMMANUAL, the person on this video deserves as many hits on this U-tube video as he can get.

Link to Bible Study download

Adoption Music Video

A child is waiting DVD

Real life
Adoption testimonies
of Filipino families who have adopted

Who will Cry
for the Orphan Child?
Who will cry for the Orphan CD

By the way...check out HOME for Good on the web...awesome ministry and I had the most awesome opportunity to meet and spend time with the Filipino missionaries duirng AVI's adoption ...Auntie Malen and Virgie we surly do love you!!!
NOW go check out the YouTube video and get ready to cry...who knows what message each of our girls will one day have for the world!  They are all lives with value and purpose!
May the LORD be glorified!!!

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