Friday, October 28, 2011

HELP OLGA NOW!!!! PLEASE check out the sites that are listed here!

Hi all,

PLEASE PLEASE pass this along and post anywhere you can!  I don't know more than what is in this message but I felt like I could not be silent!  I HAVE  seen with my own eyes what the little girl will endure!  This precious tiny little one being transferred breaks my heart! 

Please get the word out!!!!  She needs our help as all these precious children do but the LORD put this one in front of me today so I am sending her out to everyone for them to send her out!  May the LORD bring her family quickly and save her from a life in a Mental institution! For those of you that know our Sasha...this would have been the plight of Sasha had she not been adopted...her only "crime" She was an orphan and had cerebral palsy! It breaks my heart beyond words!  Read the book - "Boy from Babyhouse 10" to learn more!

Thanks everyone for praying and for helping in any way that you can!

Isaiah 58:10



This was written by the original poster - 
Olga E. is a little girl waiting for her family in Russia. She is in a really good babyhouse. I've been advocating for her for over a year, but she hasn't found her family yet. An adoptive family that just had court for their daughter who is in the same orphanage, was told that if they hadn't come for her before she turned four, she would have been transferred to a mental institution ( ). Olga E turns four this coming December. She will just fade away in an institution. Please help!

Would you post about her on your Facebook? Or link to my blog? Or spread the word about her in any way you can come up with.

This is her profile on Reece's rainbow:



  1. Praise the LORD!!!!! Thank you for letting me know so I can share this with the many that I know that have been praying and getting word out! Thank you!!! Blessings in Christ to you!!!